13 agosto 2012



Blue Gene /Q

IBM Blue Gene/Q Number 1 in supercomputing - IBM's balanced approach delivers the fastest and greenest supercomputer - Source: www.top500.org


Blue Gene/Q Fastest Supercomputer in the World

On June 18, an IBM Blue Gene/Q system received top honors as being the fastest supercomputer in the world as recorded by top500.org. Four of the top ten supercomputers are Blue Gene/Q systems. Blue Gene/Q systems also captured the top 20 spots of the most energy efficient systems in the world as measured by the greeen500.org ranking.
Our balanced approach to design enables delivery of high performance and energy efficient solutions to support breakthroughs in areas like life sciences, public safety and transportation that will make our world smarter.

Breakthrough science today—not tomorrow

Whether your work involves climate modeling, nuclear simulations or life sciences research and development, you have something in common: you work with huge data sets and need massive computing power without breaking the bank on energy costs. With IBM® Systems Blue Gene®/Q, completing computationally intensive projects for a wide variety of scientific applications that were previously unsolvable is not just possible, it is now probable.
Blue Gene/Q introduces innovative technologies to deliver exceptional performance, energy efficiency and ease of application portability. It reflects a key step in the ongoing evolution of Blue Gene supercomputers. An array of technical innovations in hardware, software and system design will enable Blue Gene/Q to achieve new levels of performance and energy efficiency while helping to simplify application portability and usability. By providing speed and bandwidth to keep platforms operating at the forefront of technology, Blue Gene/Q can help you accelerate leading-edge science to transform your scientific and research agendas.
Blue Gene/Q is specifically designed to help solve large-scale problems associated with the sciences. The third generation in the Blue Gene family of supercomputers, it works at an order of magnitude faster than previous systems, with 16 cores and a scalable peak performance up to 100 petaflops—a massive leap forward in parallel computing power. Applicable to a growing set of computationally intensive workloads within the scientific community, Blue Gene/Q is the ideal platform for highly complex projects in a broad range of areas.

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